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افتراضي Cronosurf Wave Pro v2.0.3

Description :
Cronosurf Wave is a new chronograph watch with the main focus on design, functionality and usability. This app is based on the original design started 2014 as a web based technology demonstrator .

If you are a chronograph watch lover, you will find yourself using Cronosurf as your day-to-day app for alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch.

Since Cronosurf has many features, the app includes a comprehensive user manual. The Button Assistant - known from the website cronosurf . com) - is now integrated in the app (portrait mode only). Use it for quickly getting familiarized with the basics. To activate it, simply tap on the area above the watch.

Discover all the special and extra features and great usability of Cronosurf Pro. You will love it!

*NEW* Cronosurf Wave now supports Android Wear watches - fully interactive! Except compass and AL / CD presets, all functions of the main app are implemented. However, it has been tested only on the Huawei Watch. It is therefore to be regarded as a preview and might not show full technical maturity on all situations/devices yet.
Note: For touch interactivity, Android 6.+ on the watch is required
Info :
Requirements : Android 2.3+
Size : 7 mb

More Info :


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