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افتراضي French men encouraged to get sodomized by their wives

Le Monde, a leftist newspaper in France advises men to try getting sodomized by their wives/girlfriends

Article in French: The Thousand Virtues of Pegging by Maïa Mazaurette

We don't speak often about it (female to male sodomy) because most of the times only prostatic massage is mentioned. That's good, but just a finger is not enough. Maybe just to get things started. To get serious, you'll need

A good position. Doggystyle: too revealing? Too subversive? If women can get on their knees, so can men. If you think it's more degrading for men to get on their knees than women, would make you go back 2 centuries and believe, dental care was very bad around that time

! Good lubricant - I insist on this point

The strapon itself. You'll need something sturdy

For the plastic penis itself, don't buy something too big, nor too small either. Something around 16 cm. It would be too bad if you scarred your partner after just one session

Be patient and take it easy, just like for any sexual practice

Now the big question: why fuck your man in his ass? Why should you get fucked in the ass by your wife? Because it feels good. Not every homosexual couple practices sodomy. And not every woman; but still, a lot of people try and it and do it ofter, so it must be because it feels good. Men describe having orgams from the behind as much more intense, longer and deeper. Don't tell me you don't want that!

Second argument, some variation. If you already know the kamasutra by heart but never tried pegging, you should revise your priorities

New experiences also strengthen the couple, so why not get out of our comfort zone more often, without having to enter a discomfort zone

The most bored males sometimes say that women don't have enough holes, and that they would put it in a fourth if possible: surprisingly, they forgot that a heterosexual couple has five holes in total

Third argument, very important: pegging make it possible to experiment sexual reciprocity. That's good for you mutual empathy, and it'll pay in the long term

For married couples, it could mean that the men could let the women decide how the sex session has to go

Pegging makes couples closer

If you're a big macho (I'm sure you're not) you'll be surprised that getting penetrated requires participation on the part of the woman. You have to open up and relax

For men, you'll see what it's like to get penetrated, the vulnerabilities, the fear of getting hurt, of making things dirty, not being able too look your partner in the eyes (in doggystyle). If you think that you cannot take it without eye contact, lay on your back with a pillow below your ass. It will be harder but you could look her in the eyes

For the wives: you'll be afraid by penetrating your husband, but that's good. You'll understand why sometimes he may be too slow, or why he hurts sometimes

Finally, the last reason you have to do it is because it's still a very rare practice that make you couple really unique. You should get to it fast, because I don't think that it'll stay out of the mainstream for long

This is what western civilization has for us
This is what we look up to as a role model
A true example of enlightenment and progress indeed


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