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افتراضي Motorola is announcing something on February 25

Motorola is announcing something on February 25

Motorola is slowly letting people in the media know that it has something planned for February 25, which is next Wednesday. On that day, the company will be making "an exciting announcement". What it will unveil, though, is still unknown.
It's an unconventional product launch, that's for sure. Motorola is sending media outlets a mysterious box, which is set to arrive at their doorsteps on the aforementioned date. The contents of the box haven't been revealed yet, but apparently "everything you need fits inside one box".

So those who will receive these boxes will be "in the front row" for the announcement to what's in the box. It's all rather puzzling.
But MWC is fast approaching, and perhaps Motorola wants to steal some thunder from Samsung and HTC, who are set to intro their new flagships at the end of next week.
The Lenovo-owned company may be presenting a successor to the Moto 360, or perhaps a new smartphone. Stay tuned and we'll find out.

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