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10-07-2011, 12:12
Forrest Gump = me and mysel =
yeah, yeah, yeah, i confusing you but this is the last time, i promis


الهيئة العليا لتحقيق اهداف الثورة والإصلاح السياسي و الأنتقال الديمقراطي

my GOD, this is a real long name,maybe we can compete who's gonna spell it faster

but the problem is that not only its name which is long, i guess it's structure, its rhythm...ect .... bref, i had some thoughts about this organization (or whatever) that i wanna share with you

let's talk about the objective of this organization; it was to help tunisian people to reach the election in the 24th july... However some of its members started to spread their wings to include more and more objectives; so now they are legislating about the election system, the republican contract, discussing the tunisian identity, laws concerning parties, civic organisations

the 2nd;
the head master, the big boss, le capo of this organization is Iyad ben achour; a very intellectual, high qualified man, he belongs to a very well-known family... but he was appointed for this job by ZABA, so can we really trust him ? and where was him before the 14th january? he was teaching, writing books, he was like 95% of the weak, scared tunisian intellectuals

there are many members in this organisation,(i guess more then 100) between them, there are 10 people (who call themselves "independents" ) who visited "israel" , they have relationships with zionist and they are proud of it... so, some pro-zionist people (ya bou galb) are helping us to establish a new political, social, cultural system.... WAW !!!!

well.... these are some of many thoughts that came straight to my mind while im thinking about
الهيئة العليا لتحقيق اهداف الثورة والإصلاح السياسي و الأنتقال الديمقراطي
(now im tired writing it down)

of course you are welcome if you have any other thought

29-02-2012, 15:00

be careful when you copy something to not copy th names too
Forrest Gump = me and mysel =
thank you and you are welcome