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ريتك ما نعرف وين
20-07-2016, 02:02
! Good morning , gents & gals..

Ok , don't laugh , but I seriously hope there are other females around here beside me hhh , and until I make sure of that , I guess I'm just going to have to type each and every word with a gulp ! .. Ok , that was clearly an overstatement . So , don't take my word for it . I won't deny , though , that I'm a tad socially awkward , and no it's not an inherited trait of any sort , just in case that idea had crossed your mind or something ! Anyway , I just wanted to express my appreciation for my being here . Honestly , it looks like a lovely enough place for retreat . I still , nonetheless , need to take a tour around it , to get to know it better at least ,starting tomorrow , 'cuz it's getting a bit late now and I don't even know why the hell I haven't hit the hay , yet . Ok , I take that back - I DO . Surely , politics & gobs of caffeine are a deadly como to which any living Insomniac can relate . But , anyway , - Oh , God ! just look how many lines I've penned so far , and I haven't even gotten to the point ,yet . Don't kill me , Ok ? .. I'm getting there ! ..So , as I was passing through this particular section , I couldn't help but think : " Well , why don't I just go ahead and break the ice ? It's still better than being a member here without actually acting like one " . Then , I figured " What better way to do so than make a new thread ? " , especially that English here seems like a cover that doesn't exactly reflect the content . Sorry for being blunt , but I'm a tad sad about it . So , without any further ado , let's just gather here and talk . It's like a little sewing circle so to speak , only a virtual one . If you have anything you'd like to share ; A video , a news item , your diary , you name it . , it would mean the world to me if you could share it with me/us . Ummm .. I guess that's all I wanted to say . Toodle-oo

ريتك ما نعرف وين
20-07-2016, 09:08
* Sigh *
... Ok , whatever
! I get it
? Age before beauty , right
Yeah , I guess that must be the drill around here . I'm not complaining , of course - I'm complying . I mean , after all , your house , your rules . Ok , honestly , I was gonna share something creepy , 'cuz I've been binge-watching creepy stories on Youtube for a while now ! I know it sounds weird , but it kills time nonetheless . It might not be your cup of tea , and because of that , I ain't gonna share'em . Not now . Plan B- How'bout a nice morning song to listen to while you drink your cuppa ? Huh ? Sounds appealing , no ? ... Ok , comin' up in a flash - both the song and the cuppa
; )

. I hope you like it