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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Didier Drogba Revealed Why He Stayed At Chelsea

19-11-2015, 00:55

It's lucky that Didier Drogba did stay at Chelsea otherwise Roman Abramovich might still be searching for his Champions League win! The Ivorian striker has revealed why, when he first moved England, he decided to stay at Chelsea even though he was struggling to settle...

Sorry Chelsea fans but you are going to have to bury any hatred towards Frank Lampard, you know because he went to Manchester City (just in case you'd forgotten), because it was all down to Frank junior.*

Imagine Chelsea minus Drogba in his prime and you've got Andrei*Shevchenko failing to score for three or four more seasons than he already failed to score in, either that or Mateja Kezman. Basically there's a lot less silverware. Drogba revealed a text 'Lamps' sent to him;