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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Dear Grave

04-02-2015, 21:14
Well it has been a wild since my last visit to this nest , Sorry I was kidnapped by responsibility all the past time
Got to say I'm now going through the hardest period of my life (yet) , It's just not fair how things turned out to be
I think of killing my self every day , It's like why don't you let me do something in this world got damnit , I still can't get the point of being here , my all time concept of life was "live great or die great " , Damn life why are you being so hard on me ,, why me !!! ,,I'm just someone who is trying to help ,,I'm not trying to steal from any one ,,,I'm just trying to help
Sorry Mom , sorry Dad , Sorry little Jihed I can't look at our eyes any more I think It's time to leave for good yea