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24-01-2015, 17:23
Tunisia-Satellite & AdelSS04 présentent

(¯`·._.·[ Two Worlds II]·._.·´¯)

Game: Two Worlds II
Detected platform: MAC
Alias: tw2, TWII, Two Worlds 2
Release date: 25 January 2011

In Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress, a band of fame-hungry pirates led by the legendary Captain Ed Teal, have become trapped in a cursed archipelago when their ship ran aground, where they will be damned to remain forever until aided by a hero with a strong back(that’s you) and a (somewhat) loyal disposition. Trust, after all, is no short sale in these cursed islands, especially not for a man tasked with finding the Treasure - an immaterial wealth said to manifest the beholder's wildest dreams.

Hébergeur : Multi

Format : RAR/DMG

Plateforme : MAC

Langue : ENG

Région : FREE

Découper avec : WinRar

Nombre et taille des fichiers 4*1GO +400 Mo

Total du post : 4.4GO