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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Sigma Software v2.03.03

09-07-2014, 22:21

Sigma Software v2.03.03

Upon your numerous requests, we give you support for the most demanded

MTK and Qualcomm devices and there’re a lot more.

Qualcomm platform update:

1. The following smartphones were tested and added to the list of supported:

Coolpad 7560T Flo
Huawei Premia 4G M931
MTN Steppa / SP355AWG

2. Fast Direct Unlock firmware database has been updated with the following versions:

Motorola XT311: 1 new firmware version
ZTE KIS Lite: COS_GR_P752D01V1.0.0B01 (+IMEI Repair)
ZTE Z222: ATT_AM_P671B41V1.0.0B13-S

MTK platform update:

1. The following MTK-based models were tested and added to the list of supported:

Haier M200+ (MT6260)
Lenovo S939 (MT6592)
Simvalley SP2X-Slim (MT6572)

2. Fixed Alcatel OT-4007 / OT-4010 unlock issue.

3. Improved Repair IMEI procedure for some MTK Android smartphones
(you will no longer get an old/damaged IMEI restored after master reset operation).

4. Implemented lots of improvements for Yoda method.

5. Added Repair security data file for MTK Android smartphones

Note! It's highly recommended to use the latest software version.

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