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08-04-2014, 11:55 (

Sigma Software v1.39.00 and
Sigma firmware v1.41 are out!

MTK Platform Update:

The following models have been added to the list of supported:
♦ Avvio 290 (MT625A)
♦ Avvio 501 Tv (MT62XX)
♦ BLU Deejay T200 (TL_M118DPU1265_F59LK1A_00_39) - via patching
♦ Huawei Ascend G610 (MT6589)
♦ MegaFon Login 2 MS3A (MT6572)
♦ PCD A1034CAR (MT625A)
♦ TELEGO G906 (MT6260)

It’s more than recommended to use the latest version of Sigma software!
Download Sigma Software v1.39.00 (

13-04-2014, 22:34
مشكور يا فيصل thanks