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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Sigma Software v1.34.00

15-01-2014, 10:44 (

Sigma Software v1.34.00
and Sigma Firmware v1.36 are out! (

Here's for the year 2014!
For this year we have ambitious plans and this release
is just the beginning of a new stage of evolution of Sigma.
Be sure, this year we'll surprise you with more useful
updates and world's first solutions.

MTK Platform Update:

1. The following models added to the list of supported:
♦ Bmobile K13 (MT6250)
♦ BLU Spark (MT6252)
♦ Blu Deejay II / Q150 (MT6253)
♦ Claro C1650ca (MT6252)
♦ Enspire A1033sgca (MT625A)
♦ Lanix S600 (MT6589)
♦ Pcd 777tl (MT6268)
♦ ZTE S218
♦ Zonda ZMOM 110TH (MT6236)

2. Added calculation via IMEI+PID for NEW Alcatel phones:
♦ OT-3035
♦ OT-1041
50+ new PIDs supported

3. Added detection of Hardware IMEI and Repair IMEI feature
for the following Alcatel phones:
♦ OT-1010
♦ OT-1011
♦ OT-1030

4. Added detection of Hardware IMEI for Alcatel models
that are based on SPI flash chip ID: 002CCB17-00000000

Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Added world's first Repair Security Area feature
for 4 new Huawei smartphones:
♦ U8815n
♦ U8867Z
♦ UM840
♦ U8185
Find step by step manual on how to use this new feature in the help section ( of Sigma website.

2. Fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI firmware database updated for:
♦ BLU Dash D160a: Q106_BLU_IUSACELL_R16_0.0.4
♦ Motorola MB860: 1 new version
♦ Red Bull Mobile: RBM_AT_P619C3V1.0.0B10-S
♦ Turkcell Maxi Plus5: P752TV1.0.0B18
♦ ZTE MF30: BD_MTSMF30V1.0.0B08
♦ ZTE E821: ECO_BI_P671A70V1.0.0B05-S

Download Sigma Software v1.34.00 (