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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Sigma Software v1.33.00

26-12-2013, 13:25 (

Sigma Software v1.33.00
and Sigma Firmware v1.35 are out! (

MTK Platform Update:

1. Updated Unlock Code Calculator (via IMEI and PID):
MTK phones:
♦ OT-3020, OT-3075
♦ OT-A205, OT-A392, OT-I310
+ 3000 PIDs added for all supported for unlock code calculation MTK phones
MTK Android smartphones:
♦ OT-5120, OT-6110
♦ OT-8020D, OT-Y910
+800 PIDs added for all supported MTK smartphones

2. Following MTK models were added to the list of supported:
♦ Lanix LX14 (MT6236)

Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Updated Unlock Code Calculator (via IMEI and PID):
♦ Added 70 new PIDs for Qualcomm Android smartphones

2. Fast Direct Unlock database updated with new versions for:
♦ Motorola MB860: 1 new firmware version
♦ Orange Boston: 1 new firmware version
♦ ZTE T96: TEL_AU_P622C7V1.0.1B01-S

Let's sum up the year 2013:
♦ In 2013 we released 25% more updates than last year (50 in 2012 / 64 in 2013).
♦ Added support for 2 new platforms: Broadcom & Texas Instruments.
♦ Added over 800 (65% more than last year) new models to the list of supported; it's almost 16 models every week!
♦ Built a reputation of reliable phone servicing tool that gained trust of thousands and thousands of new users.
♦ Sigma YouTube channel was viewed over 600'000 times and that's just a tip of an iceberg.
♦ Developed 15+ world's first solutions!

Be sure, in 2014 you'll get more useful features and easy to use solutions from Sigma,
because our minds are filled with ideas and inspiration! In the year 2014 we wish you
endless opportunities, wonderful times with your families, joy, happiness and prosperity of your business.

With all the best,
Sigma Team.

Download Sigma Software v1.33.00 (