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24-12-2013, 08:00 (

Sigma Software v1.32.02 is out!

Qualcomm platform update:

Added Read Bootloader Password, Unlock Bootloader password
and Reset Bootloader password features for Huawei smartphones
with new security algorithm

♦ U8686 / T-Mobile Prism II
♦ Y301-A1 Valiant

How to connect: in the powered on state with adb debugging enabled.
Full manual is located in the help section ( of Sigma website.

♦ No more need to ask Huawei support to give you bootloader password for these new models.
Since this update you can get/unlock it instantly and go on to SP-unlock.
♦ Reset bootloader password: unlike restoring phone's bootloader lock by flashing or using 3rd party tools,
with Sigma bootloader will be restored to its initial factory state without any traces left in the firmware.

MTK platform update:

The following MTK-based models were added to the list of supported:

♦ Lenovo S62 (MT6225)
♦ Utstarcom A1033rrcp (MT625A)
♦ ZONDA ZMTN905 (MT6223)
♦ ZTE S226+ (MT6251)

TI Platform Update:

Added Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI support of new firmware version for:
♦ Motorola XT720:

Sigma: Easier, Better, Faster!

Download Sigma Software v1.32.02 (