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27-11-2013, 08:05
Sptbox deluxe 16.9.8 released


* GT-I9500
IMEI Change/Unlock
* First IN WORLD
* First in WORLD
GT-S7568i Flash/Unlock/Imei
SM-N9005 Flash
SM-N9009 Flash
SM-N900v Flash
SM-N9009 Flash

Procedure of I9500 imei :

* Phone Should be Rooted.
* After rooting first need check your phone is supported or not.
* For That connect phone to usb with usb debug active
* Mark repair imei and unlock
* And just press spt mode after done.
* Power on Phone and enter *#1234# check CP part if there is say null its mean this phone not support just reflash phone and dont play for imei.
* If CP part is show right mean this phone can change imei for imei follow this step.
* After Root Do Reset Default EFS
* Mark repair imei and unlock.
* Connect Phone uart cable.
* Press Factory mode.
* After progress done connect Phone to usb with usb debug active then press spt mode
* Done Your imei now change and network ok.

Altenative Download Link 1#


Altenative Download Link 2#


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