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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : NCK Dongle Shell 0.3 Released

01-10-2013, 08:53
NCK Team is Happy to Present NCK Dongle Shell 0.3

As our users already know how to use this Shell, we have introduced more features for our valuable users.

Whats New?
- Added function to download updated Database from server without installing new version.
- Added function to check for missing files in current installation and download from server without need of downloading whole installer.
- Can Install complete NCK Dongle Modules without downloading installers. But we recommend using installers, at least for the first time.

How To Use:
- To install package or missing files, simply go to Updater page of Shell.
- Click on Check Files to let Shell check if your current installation is latest.
- It will show you complete list of files, and their status ( OK or Need Update ).
- If any file needs to be updated, you can click on Update button and your files will be updated accordingly.
- To Update Shell Database, simply click on Update DB.
- Shell will download and install update and will close.
- Simply run again and you will have latest Database.

Any suggestions regarding shell options are welcome. You can also report here any missing model not listed in Shell.

Any off topic post will be deleted.

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