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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Sigma Software v1.30.01

27-09-2013, 15:03 (

Sigma Software v1.30.01 is out! (

Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Added Direct Unlock / Read Unlock Codes features for:

♦ Acer Iconia Smart S300

How to connect: power the smartphone OFF; press and hold "Camera" and "Vol+" keys
simultaneously and while holding these buttons, press Power ON.

2. Fast Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI database was updated
with new versions for the following ZTE devices:

♦ Blade - GB_VELCOM_P729VV1.0.0B01
♦ F116 - MOB_EG_P640A30V1.0.0B04-S
♦ V790 - VIP_HRV_P752D01V1.0.0B02
♦ WP750 - VIV_BR_WP750V1.0.1B02-S

Download Sigma Software v1.30.01 (