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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : zZ-Team Release SmartZ 1.3.14 and Huawei Advanced Tool

23-09-2013, 09:13
zZ-Team Release SmartZ 1.3.14 and Huawei Advanced Tool


What New:
-Huawei Phones Qcom added:
Huawei U1860 (Read Info, Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI, Read/Write Backup) {All World First}
Huawei U6100 (Read Info, Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI {All World First}, Read/Write Backup)

Added in zZ_SmartZ
* ZTE Modem MF100 firmware BD_P671A1V1.0.1B09 Comcel/Colombia added.
* ZTE Modem MF100 firmware BD_P671A1V1.0.0B08 Tigo/Colombia added.
* Motorola MB200 added 1 unsupported firmware.

Huawei Advanced Tool, Module Features
Brand: Huawei
Direct Unlock... Supported!
IMEI Repair!! Supported!
Direct Flashing ... Supported!
Relock operation... Supported!
Repair Simlock... Supported!
Old and New Qualcomm... Supported!
Android New Security... Supported!
MTK... Supported!
Modem... Supported!

zZKey SmartZ, Module Features
Brand : Zte, Motorola, Zte Modem
Direct Unlock... Supported!
Read Codes... Supported!
IMEI Repair!! Supported!
Relock operation... Supported!
Multilingual Software (SPANISH; ENGLISH, ARABIC)
Heuristic Method

The change IMEI/MEID option has been created by our zZ-Team only with the objective of restablishing the original imei. Any illegal use with the IMEI/MEID, changes or modifications of the original IMEI, are on their own responsibility. Our zZ-Team no assumes responsibility to misuse of this software.

zZ Huawei Advanced Tool v2.6.0.4 Download Here (http://www.zz-key.com/update/zZ_Huawei_Advanced_Tool_v2.6.0.4.rar)

SmartZ_1.3.14 Download here (http://www.zz-key.com/update/SmartZ_1.3.14.rar)

23-09-2013, 09:14