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20-09-2013, 08:24
NCK Team is Happy to Present NCK Dongle Shell 0.2

Before You try to use this shell please make sure that:

1. You have already UNINSTALLED all older NCK Modules and INSTALLED NCK Dongle Full Installer v1.01
2. Downloaded & Installed NCK Dongle v13.3, NCK Dongle Generic MTK v1.32 and NCK Dongle Android MTK Tool v2.2

Now You Can Start NCK Dongle Shell.

What is this Shell used for?
As we all know many users are getting confused in which Module to Run in order to make the operation needed, so decided to make a little easier to you by releasing this shell software.

How does it work to help running the correct module?
Option 1:
1. Select Brand, Example: Alcatel.
2. Select Model, Example: OT-800
3. Select Operation you need, if you press Button Flash/Repair it run Flashtool Module, if you select Calculate Code it will run Main Module auto.

Option 2:
There is also a search tab, you can type in the model needed, example: GT-I9300 then press search button it will auto show in drop list.

What is Hints window in bottom?
It tells you hints about what module is used and which operation is supported for each model.

What is Installers Button for?
Installers Button will auto show in Shell's window the Installers page from which you can download new Installers.

Can we run software thru Shell without dongle and modules installed?

Click here to Download Shell (

Any suggestions regarding shell options are welcome. You can also report here any missing model not listed in Shell.

Any off topic post will be deleted.

NCK Team