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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : The Revolution

03-09-2013, 19:34
The Revolution

Revolution is a complete or radical change in something.
The term of revolution started from Tunisia, and then it was propagated to other Arabic countries.
During what called “revolution”, a lot of people were dead because they were believing that we must change the life style, to be free, to develop our competences, to increase the economy, to realise the justice, to resolve the important social issues like the poverty, the unemployment and resist to the corruption in order to get a life better than before.
Unfortunately we don’t realise any progress. We still like before or worst. We still heard about progress but we see that we have tardiness. We still heard about freedom, human rights and justice but we see the inverse. We still heard a lot of sign but nothing is done.
Life is becoming tough, hard and rough, people suffering a lot and they seek within themselves to return to the ancient regime, not because they like it but to get security and stability.
Why didn’t the revolution succeed?
In fact there are a lot of reasons explained why we can’t realise a successful revolution.
At first let, talk about the basics of a real revolution, which we can’t talk about it without previous preparation. It means that a revolution can’t succeed without real leaders like philosophers, scientists, creators, artists, poets and writers in all domains in order to make a correct path for the revolution.
The second reason is shown through the behaviours of the politics. Government haven’t made a deep rehabilitation, the constituent assembly haven’t completed the constitution for a long time and parties have acted without responsibility and haven’t had any proper project to reform the current circumstances, they have only succeeded in making disturbance. And a vast number of companies have done a lot of strike instead of working to make the economy better. The most majority of politics are not able to lead and support a real revolution because they only think about their individual interest instead of the national and public interest.
The people who can’t make and protect their revolution, they don’t deserve to be alive. And who betray the targets of a revolution don’t deserve to live.
Have we done a revolution?