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16-03-2012, 08:58

GB-Key 1.10,ZTE Android 2Sec Unlock

Forget about Firmware Not Supported
Finish waiting for updates
SIMPLY a 2 Sec Safe Unlock Process
ZTE ANDROID Supported :
-San Francisco II

All Firmware supported for unlock in 2 Sec (FTM Mode)

Probably Many Other Models are supported, but as we do not want to Add all of them at once before avoid that GB-Key Users Harm there Phones

In Drop List , there's OTHER ZTE Android...
If your Model not in List, just choose Other ZTE Android and Do READ INFO..
If Info readed Well, You get Update Next Day, and Of course for All FW and in 2 Sec.


WE INFORM @ll GsmHosting USERS that Offer price of GB-Key will finsih soon..
If You Like this Product, Buy Fast before Price Goes Up and Enjoy Profesional Unlock Making Money Faster than NEVER !! (

02-12-2014, 13:21
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